Single-wing side / entrance doors

Single-wing side entrance doors are one of the oldest systems of entrance doors. These doors are called single-wing because they open and close with a single door leaf. The term "side" is significant because they are always used for side entrances and not main entrances. Due to their usage, they can be installed between wall openings, moved inside, or placed more towards the outside. This method of installation or operation is ideal for garages without a transom or where various installations are present above the door, as the doors are installed in a bright opening. They are extremely useful when you want to access your garage without having to open the entire garage door.

Insulated side entrance doors are characterized by their excellent sealing ability. The high security of the double-coated insulated door leaf makes these doors ideal for garages that are used not only for vehicles but also for maintaining a constant internal temperature.

A garage that is used as an office, workshop, relaxation space, gym, or simply for storing excess household items that don't have a place in the house will be more comfortable with insulated side entrance doors. These doors seal well along their entire perimeter, preventing dust, leaves, and rain from entering the garage.

Additionally, insulated side entrance doors can be manufactured with a maximum width of 140cm and a height of 250cm, offering a wide range of colors and finishes.

Why insulation? There are three simple reasons for choosing insulated side entrance doors:

  •     Greater panel strength due to improved security.
  •     Excellent thermal insulation properties.
  •     To break the thermal bridge, which consequently prevents condensation on the interior of the side entrance doors.

It's important to note that none of the insulated side entrance doors supplied by KIP KOP d.o.o. contain CFC. They are filled with polyurethane foam, and the structural panel is made of galvanized steel with double coating. The 40mm thick panel structure provides exceptional strength and reduces damage from impacts and collisions.

Side entrance single doors are made from panel boards/filling, which consist of double-layered galvanized steel with a final finish of powder coating. The supplier of the panels for manufacturing side entrance doors is the renowned Swiss company TECSEDO. The construction of the filling for side entrance doors is typically double-coated with an insulating core. The thickness of the door filling with double coating is 40mm.

The filling of side entrance doors is covered with a pattern resembling natural wood on the external side, giving them a practical and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Smoothly finished filling, on the other hand, has a simple modern appearance that complements modern architecture. These side entrance doors are known as "FLAT" doors. There are also doors covered with laminate foil that mimics the look of golden or dark oak, mahogany, or walnut. In our offer, you can also find patterns with a cassette motif or "CUBES."

The basic price mostly includes the door leaf in a woodgrain structure, except in the case of RAL 9007 color, where the smooth motif with one line is included as standard.

Upon customer request, we can supply doors in the following motifs:
-LINE MOTIF woodgrain
-SMOOTH MOTIF with one line

Side entrance doors are constructed using high-quality aluminum frames, with the base frame being anodized aluminum. Upon customer request, for an additional cost, the door frame can be powder-coated to match the approximate color of the door filling.

The technical capabilities of side entrance doors allow for the production of doors with a maximum width of 140 cm and a maximum height of 250 cm.

Side entrance doors can be installed within wall openings, recessed into the interior, or positioned more towards the outer side of the wall.

Side entrance doors are certainly one of the secure types of doors available, especially due to the excellent construction of the door panels and the quality aluminum profiles. Additionally, the doors are held in aluminum guides with at least 5 hinges on each side, providing excellent resistance against attempts at forced entry. The standard handles are anodized aluminum with a cylindrical lock.

Side entrance doors come with high-quality rubber seals already installed in the aluminum door frame. When properly installed on level ground, these side entrance doors can provide excellent sealing against wind, rain, and insects.

You can install windows or create an entire light panel in the door. The windows can be supplied in the same color as the door or in various other colors. Alternatively, we can powder coat the light panel to match your preferences.

Customers can choose the filling from factory powder-coated or imitation color shades, which are:


  •     WHITE RAL 9010 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     SILVER RAL 9006 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     BROWN RAL 8014 / woodgrain structure / line motif


  •     ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines – sandgrain finish
  •     WHITE RAL 9016 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines - polygrain finish
  •     GRAY RAL 9007 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     GRAY RAL 9007 / smooth panel with one line
  •     GOLDEN OAK / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     GOLDEN OAK / smooth panel with one line
  •     DARK OAK / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     DARK OAK / smooth panel with one line
  •     MAHOGANY / woodgrain structure with one line or without lines / line motif
  •     WINCHESTER / smooth panel with one line

Custom Color? We can offer door delivery in the color of your choice based on the RAL chart. At this point, the customer can choose from various motifs or appearances.

Side entrance doors from our production have a long lifespan thanks to top-quality materials. With the prescribed annual service in mind, they also come with a long warranty period, which is:

  •     12 years on panels (for rusting of panels, which means a hole through the panel),
  •     2 years on other moving components!


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