Sectional compact industrial doors

No space for standard sectional doors in your commercial or industrial project? The Compact folding sectional door fits anywhere. Whereas standard sectional overhead doors block the free ceiling space with their overhead rails, the Compact sectional door folds its panels in a small package above the door opening. This door allows you to install light fixtures, extractors, sprinklers or crane tracks without any problem. A unique solution for a wide range of design challenges.

What are the insulation values of Compact doors?

All Compact doors have a proper insulation and seals to help protect your building against the outdoor climate.

Depending on the material of your door and the size of the door, insulation values of your Compact doors may vary.

Below are the insulation values of our panels.
Sandwich panels
Panel thickness    :          40mm
Insulation value    EN12428      U=0.76 W/m²K
Wind resistance     EN 12424      Class 2-5
Water permeability    EN 12425      Class 2
Air permeability    EN 12426     Class 2
Noise reduction    ISO140-3      Panel 20db(A)
Full vision panels

Insulation values of different types of fillings for the full vision (or full light) panels:

4 mm single-walled acrylic or polycarbonate: U = op aanvraag

17 mm double-walled acrylic or polycarbonate or multi-wall sheet: U = 2.8W/m2k

17 mm sandwich panel: U=1.8W/m2k


What are the colour options for the Compact door?
Your Compact door shows colour

There are countless design options for the Compact sectional door. Whether full glazing, transparent fillings or sandwich panels, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Of course, when designing the door, not only the choice of infill plays a role, but also the right colour. We have 10 different standard colours for you to choose from. If you prefer a different RAL colour, this is of course also possible.
Why do door manufacturers have preferred colours?

Door manufacturers usually offer a specific colour selection. These are colours that the most customers choose. Because it is simply impossible to always have all available colours in stock during production. The RAL colours alone already deal with around 2500 shades.

We manufacture the sandwich panels for the Compact sectional door in our in-house production at Rolflex in the Netherlands. We do this to ensure the high quality of our doors and to be able to respond flexibly to customer requests. All sectional doors are made individually in the desired colour.
What colours are there for sandwich panels?

Our sandwich panels consist of a CFC-free polystyrene filling bonded to an aluminium stucco panel. The panels have a very good insulation and can be designed in different colours on the outside and inside. We offer sandwich panels in 10 standard colours. As mentioned, other colours are available upon request.

To protect your goods or people against the weather, the Compact door comes with sealing on the top and bottom of the door, and in between panels as well. Rails are sealed as well.

How safe is the Compact door?

Safety is our highest priority. When selecting an industrial door, it is important to know what safety measures have been applied. The Compact door is developed with safety in mind, without comprimising reliability and easy of use.
Safety standards Compact folding door

Compact doors comply with the European safety standard DIN EN 13241-1 for industrial doors and have the CE-label. All Compact doors come with fall safety devices, slack cable protection, hand an finger protection and anti lift protection (against burglars)

The Compact door comes standard with a control box with dead-man button. This button needs to be pressed until the door is completely closed.

Obviously, the door can be controlled by many other types of controls, like a button with automatic closing, remote controls or more sophisticated systems like photocell or radar.

Note: a light curtain safety system is required on all automatic closing systems.

What is external installation?

When there is no space inside the building for any door parts, external installation of the Compact door is an option. This type of installation is used frequently in car wash installations and spray cabins, where the indoor space need to be maximised and the atmosphere inside is not ideal for the mechanical parts of a door.

When opting for external installation, we need to make sure the door is protected from humid weather conditions as much as possible. Protection consists of:

    Protective covers (see below)
    Powder coating for rails and hardware
    Stainless steel fasteners

Cover for door panels (excl. motor)

The Compact door package is protected by a cover. This cover is delivered in components and can easily be installed over the door panels. Available in RAL colour of choice.

Additional top space needed: 60 mm

Max width: 5860 mm

Cover for front motor and panels

The door panels and the front motor are protected by this cover. Delivered in components and easy to install. Motor side is universal (left or right).

Cover not available for top motor

Additional top space needed: 60mm.

Max width: 5860 mm

Available in any RAL colour

Cover for side motor (excl. panels)

The side motor can be fitted with a protective cover. This is supplied in components and can easily be installed to protect the motor (not the panels). Available in any RAL colour

Covers are only available with a side or front motor, not with top motor.

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