Fire-resistant rolling doors blackfire

BLOCKSHUTTER E90 are fire-resistant roller doors designed to provide durable and reliable protection against fire. This product has been specially developed for the purpose of compartmentalization, ensuring system integrity in the event of a fire. It has been tested to withstand temperatures up to 1000°C for 90 minutes (E performance), effectively preventing the spread of fire and protecting people and nearby materials.

These fire roller doors are suitable for various installations in commercial and industrial buildings, including warehouses, shopping centers, factories, and parking lots. They are designed to reduce the impact of heat generated by a fire and serve to protect lives and property.

BLOCKSHUTTER E90 can be operated daily and has an opening and closing mechanism controlled by a control panel. The product complies with the requirements of the EN 16034 standard for fire resistance testing and is certified for wind load class 2 according to EN 13241-1. It is marked with the CE certificate, ensuring compliance with European safety standards.
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