Folding wing high-speed doors ITW-KK

High-speed horizontally opening doors with anti-burglary protection for outdoor use.

Speed, reliability, and durability are the main arguments for our elegant aluminum high-speed folding doors. With a complete glass lining, you get plenty of light in your facility. With individual crossbar patterns, insulation, and color options, the doors can be customized to your facade. With an operating speed of up to two meters per second, energy losses are reduced. The solid frame of the door leaf made of extruded profiles with its mechanical lock offers a high level of anti-burglary protection and is almost maintenance-free.

Low requirement for a crossbar
    Wide range of colors
    Exterior doors
    Large door openings
    Quick opening and closing (horizontal)
    Instantly accessible passage height
    Energy efficiency due to speed and thermal insulation properties
    Secure closing


Size Range:
        Maximum Height: 5,000 mm
        Maximum Width: 5,000 mm
        Special dimensions available upon request.

        Equipped with a frequency converter
        Opening speed: 2.5 m/s
        Closing speed: 1.5 m/s

        Microprocessor control

    Wind Load Resistance (EN12424):
        Class 3

    Door Leaf:
        Aluminum frames E6/EV1 anodized
        Visible panels made of double glass

Areas we cover.

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